New Indian Note Scanner Prank App’s Complete Guide To Understand Fake Rs 2000 Currency

After PM Narendra Modi made a decision to ban the old Rs 500 and Rs 1000 notes in India, there were several fake notes rotating in the market. Released two new notes, Rs 2000 and a new INR 500 currency in exchange of old banned notes.

We have shared an Android app which is now available to download and install on the devices from Google Play Store, shows up the speech of the Prime Minister of India when you scan the new Rs 2000 note. That is only a sample considering its the original Indian currency, and if you don’t see that speech in video you can easily consider it a fake Rs. 2000 currency. Like that, there are several other apps that can now scan new 500 and 2000 currency with prank app. Have fun and play prank with your friends and family.

Get New Indian Currency Scanner from here.

Steps to use the prank app:

First: This app has a camera that shows ultra nagative screen so that you can check the currency note properly.

Second: Place the currency note in front of the app’s camera and click on start scan button.

Third: Now, a scanning animation will begin to show if the note is real or fake.

Fourth: That app takes a picture with a stamp of Fake or Real on the currency note.

After all this happens in seconds, the photo will be stored in folder so that you can share that with your friends. As the app scans new 500 and 2000 notes accurately.

Finally, the downloaded app contains detail guidelines on Indian currency to detect fake or real. With the increase of knowledge of Indian Currency notes of Rs. 500 and 2000 notes, it’s really understanable how the Indian currency notes are.

Another app for Android called Fake Currency Scanner

Here’s how to detect a fake Rs 2000 or Rs 5000 Indian currency in question. Counterfeit or real currency note can be simulated with this prank app. Using your mobile phone, you can even detect a fake currency note. Tell your friends about the Fake Currency Scanner app. Take a currency note from him and start your app to detect and scan for the currency note.

Fake Currency Scanner

Follow the same guidelines aforementioned for this as well.

(Download: Fake Currency Scanner App For Free From Google Play Store)

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