New iOS 11.2 Changelog And Release Notes: Everything In One Place

Here are official iOS 11.2 changelog and release notes, detailing every single change followed by all new features of the final version in one place.

After a long period of testing that involved the release of six pre-release seeds into the deployment and testing communities, Apple has finally released for download iOS 11.2 to the general public’s iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch devices.

This new release not only means compatible device owners can install the new firmware but also issued an official changelog to show exactly what has changed with iOS 11.2 iteration.

In order to see what has become available, users can do so navigating to Settings icon on their devices, will find the update availability. Tapping into Learn More about the update information and you can find out exactly what is included. A lot of owners will simply download and install the new release, blindly diving into the unknown with no knowledge of what was actually changed. For them, we are here to at least try and help by giving an overview of the release and telling you exactly what has changed with the new release of iOS 11.2.

First and foremost, the changelog details that Apple announcing that iOS 11.2 introduces Apple Pay Cash, which is a simple way to “send, request and receive money from friends and family with Apple Pay.” Secondary, this same feature was originally teased during WWDC back in June, which is now officially unlocked with the release of iOS 11.2. And also currently only applicable in U.S. with support for other Apple Pay countries coming at a later date.

Additionally, iOS 11.2 also includes what Apple describes as “bug fixes and improvements” all over. There’s a faster 7.5W wireless charging support, is now active for iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus and the iPhone X. Not only that, there are lot new features, also introducing three brand new Live wallpapers for those installing the update on iPhone X, especially. As an example, you’ll also be treated with Sports section in the TV app. While the native Podcast app now also has the ability to automatically move onto the next episode after episode finishes, similar to how Netflix works with shows, and there is now a new downhill snow sports date type in HealthKit.

Nevertheless, Apple has also looked to fix some past niggling issues, including problems with exchange email addresses, forcing music controls on the lock screen to work correctly, and the previous Calculator app bug which allowed random results to appear when numbers were typed in quickly.

What’s not mentioned in the changelog is, both the December 2 date bug as well as I.T autocorrect bugs, also been fixed as well.

Check out the full and final, official release notes below to see the exhaustive list of what’s changed with iOS 11.2 rollout.

Did you update to iOS 11.2? Haven’t yet? Sound off in the comments section below.

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