Apple’s New iPhone 7’s Smart Battery Case Is Bigger Than iPhone 6s Version


Damn! This new Smart Battery Case for the iPhone 7 is a lot bigger than its previous versions. It’s $99 add-on pack, when rolls out at the end of this month, will improve the iPhone’s “talk time” by up to 26 hours, technically.

Well, there are other best iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus cases from third-parties that you can buy for your new device, though. Nevertheless, thinking about this Smart Battery Case for iPhone 7, you want to know a bit more about its technical powers, Apple says.

The case can also add 22 hours of internet use and 24 hours of internet playback using this Smart Battery Case for iPhone 7. Since you probably do all these things on your iPhone, your performance will likely vary.

This new version of the case, makes it look a bit like your iPhone has a spandex-covered rump, which it has a larger-capacity battery cell than previous releases, as er MacRumors. Apple’s own website seems to confirm this, as the iPhone 6s Smart Battery Case only promised to juice your device for up to 18 hours of internet usage and 20 hours of video playback.

Unfamiliar with the product? They are very similar to cases from big companies like Mophie. Generally, it’s an external battery that you charge up and hook directly into your iPhone when your device power is getting low – allowing you to charge that device without a power outlet.

For iPhone 7, Smart Battery Case depends on how much you use your device or else how much you travel and you might be able to last without an external case. Review for the Smart Battery Case for iPhone 7 speaks, can last for more than a day without moderate use. Now, it’s time to re-generate your thoughts about this case for iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus otherwise.

As customers around the world begin receiving Apple’s iPhone 7 Smart Battery Case that is rated for 2365mAh battery, a 26% increase over the iPhone 6s Smart Battery Case’s 1877mAh rating, meaning Apple’s Smart Battery Case can charge the smartphone fully with roughly 17% capacity remaining.

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