New Renders Of Dark Space Gray iPhone 7 Conceptualized With Lightning EarPods, Capacitive Home Button

Rumors has it also suggesting Apple’s iPhone 7 will be available in much darker Space Black (Grey) color that’s close to, but not quite that black enough. Have a glimpse at what the designer Martin Hajek has created renderings exploring what such a device might look like.

Exclusively we here got a new set of photos allegedly showing Apple’s Lightning-enabled EarPods for the rumored iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus, which have been leaked online. Also a video that shown off how can an iPhone 6s converts itself into an iPhone 7 as well. Alongside a report coming from a Chinese source backing up the iPhone 7 will come in three different flavors – the iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Plus and iPhone 7 Pro – in at 32GB, 128GB and a huge 256GB storage tiers. If it’s not enough, there are other speculations pointing at an even wide-angle OLED panel.

The aforementioned topics have been outed in this weekend and today we are providing all of its nature in one place in an article based on renders, predictions and as you would speak murmurings etc.

Starting with the designer, because he has created a fresh batch of renders that not only imitate to show a Space Black iPhone 7, but also a device with a flush, touch-sensitive Home button for those that hope Apple will bring such kind of fruition this year. As far as it goes live, these renders also depict what everyone on the internet is talking about right now – Lightning-based EarPods. Picture below:

As you all know by now that Apple is far rumored to be getting ready to ditch the 3.5mm headphone jack port in favor of a thinner body that would require users either connect their earphones via Bluetooth pairing, or plump for something with a Lightning connector. Possibilities there, will be adapters that can be brought to allow legacy earphones to be used, but what Apple is expected to ship a Lightning connector-equipped pack of EarPods in the box so users have something to use on day one. Of course, the renders you’re looking at includes a pair of black EarPods, presumably to match the black iPhone we are spending so much time lusting over.

Believably, these are what Lightning EarPods might look like Space Black finish:


Concept render of the rumored Space Black iPhone 7’s matching black Lightning EarPods 

For that Home button, Hajek’s concept depicts a flush button that is undoubtedly a capacitive button rather than a physical one. That could theoretically allow for a thinner iPhone – something Apple seems determined to achieve if the rumors are to be trusted anything.


The rumored touch-sensitive Home button

Whatever announcements based by Apple at September-bond launch date, if it looks anything like these renders, then we’re in. We admit that to have a 256GB Space Black iPhone 7 debut, Mr Apple Store Employee.


Allegedly leaked photo of the iPhone 7 256GB storage chip alongside the rumored dual-lens camera system

(Source: Martin Hajek)

Update x1:

How To Convert iPhone 6s Into An iPhone 7 [Video]

(Source: PeripateticPandas [YouTube])

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