New Rs. 2000 Note A Waterproof , Tested With Million Views [Video]

Last week when Prime Minister Of India Narendra Modi has officially made an announcement to ban Rs 500/1000 notes in the country. Shocked the nation with a surprise move that saw an overnight ban on those currency notes. Only matter to churn black money, and also introduced in place the new INR 500 and Rs. 2,000 currency notes, scrapping out the Rs. 1000 notes. But that’s not the case here, as one of the YouTube user has put that INR 2000 note into quality test to see how better is the latest that survive under water. Check out the details here and there, right below.


People in India has also conducted a scan test and iron tests as well. This particular video on YouTube hit the milestone of five million views ever since it was uploaded. It’s a 44 seconds clip that’s currently trending on the best video channel among other series. Now, wondering what happened to that note after washing it under a tap?


Watch the whole YouTube video of how Rs. 2000 note survived and admitted to be a waterproof/resistant note.

Results in front! The man washed the note from both sides while folding it. The 2000 INR note does not lose its color not gets torn. Proves that how perfectly the Govt of India has worked to ensure the new currency notes with such best quality.

Also puts on contrast that the new Rs 2000 notes does bot comes equipped with the Nano GPS chip to track and locate them. Besides changing colors, this new note also include a picture of ‘Mangalyaan,’ the Indian spacecraft developed by ISRO. Back of the note, there’s also a logo and slogan of PM Narendra Modi’s pet program ‘Swatch Bharat’ printed. The denomination numeral on the new note is written in Devnagari script and you can see it when held at 45 degree angle from eye level.


Lets see the future expressions beyond the surgical strike over black marketers and black money.

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