New YouTube App Lets Users Watch Videos Directly On Android Wear Device

Google has already started rolling out Android 5.1.1 for Android Wear devices, which brings with it significant upgrades and enhancements, including support for WiFi and a new app launcher. With that in mind, today a new YouTube app for Android Wear has been made available for download, which indeed let users watch videos on their smartwatch.


Now that this YouTube app is a creation of developer Appfour, which is an YouTube player for Android Wear that includes search and Chromecast support. Catching YouTube on your wearable would probably be the worst video experience ever, but at least now you can, that actually not that worst idea in the world.

Video for Android Wear & YouTube lets you look videos using your voice and can even then beam it to your Chromecast-equipped TV, so your Watch could double up as a remote control on your wrist. Great!

Available for free at Google Play store, and the YoiuTube app allow Android Wear users view videos on their tiny screen. Developer of AIDE, Gmail for Wear, and the Android Wear Web browser, has released this new YouTube app, that supports video search by voice and wait, you have to make a note that Android Wear does not come with stock speakers, and to use this inclusion, you will need to connect to Bluetooth speakers and headphones.

Important is about how much battery life it will probably use up — most Android Wear watches manage only a single day on a full charge as it is. Who won’t care about the watch battery life can head over to the download link provided below and give it a try.

The tiny interface of Android Wear lets you scroll through the results and play them back. Users can also with pause, resume, seek and control volume for the videos on YouTube. And its not an official stock app, mind it.

For the pro version of Video for Android Wear&YouTube will cost $2.99, will unlock additional features and functions all the way streaming YouTube videos on your smartwatch.

(Download Video for Android Wear&YouTube for free)


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