Newly Released Apple AirPort Firmware Update Fixes ‘Back To My Mac’ Bug And More

Apple AirPort firmware update 7.6.8 and 7.7.8 versions has been released for AirPort Express, AirPort Extreme and Time Capsule Wi-Fi base stations. Here’s everything you want to know about the changes and fixes found in the new update.

Release notes and changelog however says that the update fixes an issue that previously prevented AirPort base stations from appearing in the Apple AirPort Utility when ‘Back to My Mac‘ was enabled. As we’re used to Apple regularly issuing firmware updates for a number of its primary products base, such as iPhone, iPad, Apple TV, and of course, Apple Watch, but not so familiar with seeing updates rolling out for Wi-Fi base stations these days.

Nevertheless, that has all changed today, with Apple taking an opportunity to push out updates for products like the AirPort Express, AirPort Extreme, and the AirPort Time Capsule, bumping up the firmware versions up to 7.6.8 for AirPort Express, and 7.7.8 for the company’s top-end Extreme and Time Capsule AirPort models.

These firmware updates can be installed by using AirPort Utility app on iOS or macOS directly over-the-air (OTA). Even though Apple has stopped developing AirPort wireless routers, with no new AirPort products planned for the future, but the company is still continuing to provide bug fixes and updates for its AirPort base stations.

Unlike platforms of iOS, macOS, and tvOS, among other, it’s very difficult to really introduce new changes and functionality into products such as Apple’s Wi-Fi base stations with software improvements. Apple certainly doesn’t want to be lavishing improvements and feature upgrades on products that it will ultimately end up killing off. Now that said, both firmware version 7.6.8 and 7.7.8 may not actually be bringing functionality enhancement, but do exist as bug fixer to improve stability with the given products.

According to Apple’s AirPort firmware changelog, both revisions are intended to eradicate an issue that had prevented AirPort base stations from appearing in the AirPort utility when a user had Back to My Mac enabled. For those not familiar with, or who may not have used this feature, Back to My Mac is a feature introduced by Apple that uses the iCloud infrastructure to set up a network of Macs that can be accessed remotely, allowing things like file sharing and the ability to locate files and folders on a machine remotely.

The newly released AirPort firmware updates can also be downloaded and installed using the AirPort Utility app available right now.


Download Apple AirPort Firmware Update version 7.6.8 and for 7.7.8 from here.

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