2017 iMac Potential Specs And Release Date Rumored

What specs can someone expect from the new 2017 iMac? And when will Apple release new iMacs in the UK? Here’s what we know right now is Apple intends to introduce a new iMac designed for the pro users or at least those users who fit in the developer category (Apple itself said broad a definition Pro is when it comes to Mac users). Apple did something these days, and that was the pre-announcement of the updated iMacs that have subsequently been promised to arrive at some point later this year.

Unfortunately, not Apple given any concrete information on when exactly those machine would release, or indeed what they would have inside them as far as processing specs power is concerned, other than that they will be significant upgrades that will suite “pro” users.

Apple's 2017 iMac
Will Apple update its iMac desktop line to add Intel Kaby Lake processor chips, and what other hardware key features, design changes and other inclusions should we expect in the next-generation “iMacs” in “?”.

According to the report coming from the same Pike’s Universum blog, that already citing Apple is working a new 8K monitor, though to go along with the new Mac Pros that has confirmed will arrive next year. 8K displays are nothing new – Dell already offers one at $5k – but with Apple having failed to offer a 4K screen to call its own, it is very interesting indeed to see how the company goes about re-entering that market which such a high end, and presumably, very costly new display.

Claiming that the new iMac machines will arrive sometime in late October. Although the blog makes some predictions for what hardware will go into the new machines based on the aforementioned little bird.

MacBook Air & iMac
Another claim has been made live by the blog include the fact that macOS 10.13 will not be named after a mountain or park and that the Mac mini will also receive an update, making it physically larger in the process. What do you say?

(Source: Pike’s Universum)

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