5G Network Speed Defined By ITU, Will Be 20Gbps

Meet 5G standard. It is all about the compliant networks which must privide data speeds of up to 20 Gbps. Speed would be lightning fast and find out how much when compared to the 4G network, you have to read the full story defined by the International Telecommunication Union (also called ITU). Details based on the 5th-generation or 5G netwrok can be grabbed right after this jump.

It’s time to forget 4G as the future 5G standard for mobile networking is on its way. A conference in San Diego to decide on the fiture of Internet on Mobile, held from June 10th to 18th, where a 12-member delegation sat to draw up the specifications.

In terms of speeds, the group decided that 5G compiant networks will have to provide data speeds of up to 20Gbps (Gigabits per second), 20 times faster than the 1Gbps speeds of 4G, which actually determined as 2.5GB (Gigabytes per sec), which is the actual download speeds and the upload speeds would be as less as 1GB per second. Customers should receive speeds in the region of 100 to 1000 Mbps, depending on a number of factors, which is estimated from a 10 to 100 folds increase over typical 4G speeds of 10Mbps.

Increase in data speeds and bandwidth is also expected to open up access to higher resolution 4K video content and holographic technology via mobile data network. 5G will of course have to be able to provide more than 100 Mbps average data transmission to over 1 milllion IoT device within a 1 square kilometre radius.

Formally, 5G will be called IMT-2020, and where IMT-2000 was the name for 3G networks and IMT-Advanced for 4G. The groups will begin searching for technologies to use for the 5G standard soon. Remind you that the Korean Telecommunications company KT has recently introduced its own 1.17Gbps network, which apparently aims to dridge the gap between 4G ad 5G. Its GiGA LTE network eventually makes use of LTE and WiFi broadband network hotspot to offer faster speeds to consumers and this was an ITU consideration to help nations meet the higher bandwidth requirements of 5G.

Korea is one of the leading development of 5G tech and has had a large input into definiting the standard. The final 5G standard details will be confirmed in October, following the approval from the 193 ITU member countries.

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