Airtel Announces Its VoIP Data Pack For Pre-Paid Customers, Postpaid Plans Coming Soon

The Airtel pre-paid VoIP pack will cost Rs. 75 for 75MB of data over a 28-days period. Why I am talking about this Voice-over-IP plans is because, the government has assured that will be looking into Airtel’s decision to charge separately for VoIP calling. Few days ago we have been talking about how Bharti Airtel will charge their postpaid and pre-paid customers for VoIP, and finally today, the Indian carrier has unveiled its plans only for prepaid customers, while for postpaid, it will take some time to allocate.

As you all know that after announcing that it will be gonna charge separately for VoIP calls at standard data rates of 4p/10KB on 3G and 10p/10KB on 2G, many, who are on Airtel’s carrier were disappointed and now, with the introduction of its new VoIP packs, it makes some sense.

Exclusive VoIP packs as mentioned will be valid only for 28 days after purchasing and unfortunately, it not clear whether this pack will be applicable for all the 2G and 3G and 4G customers, but Airtel has its own plans, will surely introduce more VoIP packs soon and will launch for post-paid customers in the future.

Officially not announced about the extra charges for VoIP calls, but it did and this VoIP update will be implemented in a phased manner over the next few weeks or so. Airtel will apparently inform its customers through SMS, USSD pop-up, email or by making calls from customer care center.

Airtel pre-paid VoIP data pack costs Rs 75 for 75MB data with 28-day validity

Prepaid Airtel customers who have purchased data plans before December 24, 2014 will be entitles to use all services opted-for till their bought packs are consumed or expire on their next recharge, the new VoIP rules will be applicable.

Airtel is claiming that it plans to come out with “affordable packages” keeping the convenience of customers “above all else”. Regarding the new pack and implementing charges for VoIP, Airtel, said,

Our Customers can enjoy a superior VoIP calling experience on Airtel’s network by choosing from a range of new VoIP specific data packs that will soon be launched. The Rs 75 package will allow customers to make between 200 and 250 minutes of calling. There would be no other charges in respective of VoIP calls.

VoIP services in their current form are not tenable for us as a business. As a result, we will charge separately for VoIP services. However, in line with our philosophy of putting our customers above all else – we are committed to making VoIP services extremely affordable and attractive by ensuring adequate minutes for a very small charge on VoIP.

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