Alleged iPhone 7 Rear Shell Photo Leaked In Rose Gold, Base iPhone Model To Have 32GB Storage [Rumor]

First things first as Apple’s instance on offering base model iPhones with just 16GB of memry will be pleased to learn that there are new claims that the yet-unannounced iPhone 7 will see a major change in tact from the company, with 32GB set to become the lowest possible configuration for a new 2016 iPhone flagship. Followed by another news that the Chinese microblogging website Sina Weibo has once again provided us with a glimpse at a potential iPhone 7 component purportedly direct from Apple’s supply chain. Details on both of these can be grabbed right below!

The 2016 iPhone 7 base model with 32GB storage claim made by Kevin Wang, director of Market Surveys section of IHS Technology. Suggests, it would see Apple ditching its entry-level 16GB memory config for the first time on a flagship release, with 32GB being a much more reasonable amount of storage. The claim also quotes a 2GB RAM for the future base iPhone lineup.

To put this into note, Apple’s current iPhone 6s ships with 16GB, 64GB and 128GB models, with many calling for Apple to remove the 16GB option in favor of a 32GB base model. Obviously, the 16GB base is considered not much to those at least demanding of users, with iOS updates alone often requiring some to delete apps and data before the upgrade can commence.

Apple, on the other hand should also think about the pricing, the company’s reluctance to increase the storage available for buyers of the lowest-capacity iPhones is disappointing, to say the least now.

With that said the fact, it’s possible Apple will up that minimal specification tier to 32GB, adding a whole new one to the high-end. If that is the sense in the case, 32GB, 128GB and 256GB options may be available with the iPhone 7, though it’s just a guesswork at this point. The moe storage is however been the better, as far as wel are concerned, and the microSD card slot option would also fix a lot of this one fell swoop. Why Apple won’t prefer to integrate a micro-SD option, that’s what we don’t expect to see an iPhone with an external storage slot any time soon.

About the leaked iPhone 7 rear shell in Rose Gold. Production of Apple’s upcoming September-bound iPhone is reportedly being ramped up ahead of public reveal, but we are now seeing yet another parts leak in the form of iPhone 7 casing that potentially provides us with a glimpse of what to expect from the camera module in the new iPhone, and of course, a quick perks at Apple’s replacement of the antenna lines that have previously broken up the design of earlier iPhone models.

Foremost thing to notice is that this alleged rear shell casing for Apple’s upcoming iPhone 7 doesn’t confirms any cutting-edge changes that we weren’t already aware of thanks to previous leaks and speculation. The components itself instantly looks like an iPhone shell, with the same form factor and size as the current iPhone 6s model, and also carrying the sound rounded corners that consumers are used to. There’s no Apple logo or product specific text on the shell.

Although the leaked case shows the cutouts for the iPhone 7 camera, microphone and camera flash in a familiar location in the top-left corner of the shell. Suggesting that the new iPhone will ship with a single-lens camera. At least the smaller iPhone 7 will. The analysts and historical speculation that have seen thus far to date suggests that the larger iPhone 7 Plus/Pro model will try and entice consumers into a purchase with an upgraded dual-lens camera system that utilizes hardware and software improvements for a better quality photography experience.

If it becomes an accurate one, this latest leaked component also clearly shows that Apple has taken the chance to provide users with a single, unchanged design on the rear of the device by moving the existing antenna lines to the top and bottom of the chassis. It’s highly likely that we will see a lot more of these components leaks coming out of the workshop as we get even closer to the official September reveal.

Now what? We left hoping these latest rumors turn out to be accurate, then.

(source: Weibo) (Source: HDBlog [Google Translate])

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