Amazon AWS Device Farm Created: Service That Allow Developers To Test Apps On Real Hardware

The Amazon Web Services farm has been created for developers which offers reliable, scalable, and inexpensive cloud commputing services that hels developers tst their apps on the real hardware. Free to join and developers have a chance to only pay for what they are using ASW farm.


Amazon will this week launch a new service for developers, enabling them to test drive their Android-based and Fire OS applications on a range of real hardware, and you should be thankful for the creation of Amazon’s AWS Device Farm. Why that?

The aforementioned AWS Device Farm is a new service that has been specifically designed for mobile applications, developers to quickly and securely test their created apps on tablets, smartphones and other devices to aid with the discovery of issues and finalize their apps stability before their official release.

How it works with Developers?

Using Amazon AWS Device Farm, developers can seamlessly upload their created apps and run tests simultaniously on all of the most commonly used mobile hardware, that it will be continually expanded as new devices when launched. As tests complete, developers then receive reports regarding identifying possible issues. Amazon is however isn’t charging any set-up cost, and the Amazon Web Service Device Farm can also be used by developer on a pay as they go basis.

Here’s what Amazon decsribes about the AWS Device Farm:

Today, to test mobile apps, developers most often rely on manual testing of their apps. They use emulators that try to simulate the behavior of real devices, or they rely on their own collection of local devices that only cover a small set of the overall device market. Developers also have to address variations in firmware and operating systems, maintain operation with intermittent network connectivity, integrate reliably with back-end services, and ensure compatibility with other apps running on the device.

Now, AWS Device Farm gives developers access to a fleet of devices that includes all the latest hardware, operating systems, and platforms so they can instantly test their apps across a large selection of Android and Fire devices, and integrate these tests into their continuous deployment cycle. AWS Device Farm removes the complexity and expense of designing, deploying, and operating device farms and automation infrastructure so that developers can focus on delivering the best app experience to their customers.

Developers simply upload their Android or Fire OS application and select from a catalog of devices. Then, developers can configure AWS Device Farm’s built-in test suite to verify functionality with no scripting required, or they can choose from a range of popular, open-source test frameworks like Appium, Calabash, and Espresso.

If you’re one of those developers have Android or Fire OS apps created, then here is the chance to test it using AWS Device Farm for free of charge from Amazon. For more information on this service, jump over to the official website for details here.

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