Apple Registers And Two Other Auto-Related Web Domains

Admitted that Apple is seamlessly working on bringing its own car to the market. For that the company has took control of not just one, but three car-related top-level web domains. First appearing on January 8th (, and another one is Not been live yet, but all thse auto-related domains indeed owned by Apple via rigister MarkMonitor Inc.

About autononous cars, Apple is very much getting serious and curious of. New websites of Apple appear to have first been booked in December 2015, where, non of then are yet pointing to live websites. It is a fairly safe bet that they will eventually be used by the Cupertino company. What actually they’re used for, which is not yet clarified.

Whois records updated on Jan. 8th, 2016 – showing that Apple registered a trio of car-related high-end domain names. Eseentially, the domians could be related to CarPlay, but there’s naturally a speculation about their possible relation to Apple’s much-rumored electric vehicle plans.

Multiple and not one reports over the past year claims that Apple has a secretive team working hundreds on an electric automobile with a prospective 2019 or 2020 shipping date. Rumored that Apple has plans to launch its very own electric + autonomous car. Related, Apple’s in-car entertainment system that allows car manufacturers to hook into iOS via an attached iPhone and is still in its relative infancy and has no perfect hold yet.

The fact here is that getting CarPlay functionality usually means buying a brand new car. Perhaps the best way to get CarPlay will be to grab you own “Apple Car”, and while these new domains definitely don’t confirm the existence of such a thing. There’s an increasing evidence though, that Apple is at least exploring the auto industry. As connected with the company’s August meeting with the California DMV to review self-driving vehicle regulations.

Apple has although aggressively recruited engineers and other talent from Tesla, Ford, GM, Samsung, A123 Systems, NVIDIA and elsewhere to work on the purported “Apple Car” project, which has rumored to be called “Project Titan” internally.

Apple CEO Tim Cook’s visit to a BMW factory in Germany last year gave further weight to Apple Car-related rumors. Electric motorcycle startup Mission Motors even ceased operations after losing employees to Apple.
Now that it seems like Apple remains in the early stages of research and development of its speculated electric machine, and it perhaps remains the company’s plans could change over the next three to four years. Question here asked – just how does Apple plan on getting its whole car onto one of those wooden tablets the company uses in its Apple Stores?

Nevertheless, answer will be disclosed soon!

(Source: MacRumors)

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