Is This Secret Lab Where Apple Building It’s Most Important New Product [Details]

Apple seems to be working hard on a brand new initiative, if multiple reports surfaced from sources are anything to be believed, and the type of product Apple has never built before. A new report has emerged suggesting that have uncovered the secret lab where Apple employees are hard at work in a n all-new exciting development.

The secret lab is nevertheless connected to the rumored Apple Car plans. Fans have p[robably guessed it already and as per the report from Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, Appleā€™s secret laboratory is based in Berlin – the pace where 15-20 employees with backgrounds in engeineering, software, hardware and sales are working on an automobile that will launch at some point in the future, this year of course.

It was already speculated that to compete with the world of autonomous vehicles, Apple is prepping to build its own vehicle without a driver. According to the report, there are relatively young men and women at work characterized by “progressive things”. In addition to building a Car, the secret lab team will also figure out whom Apple can cooperate with in Germany, how to takle regulatory approvals, and focus on big competition.

If anything is to do so, the Apple Car is expected to hit the road in 2019 or by 2020. But it’s not clear yet whether the first models will come self-driving capabilities, as had previously been speculated. The car may be assembled by auto parts by Magna, which is owned by Austrian-Canadian billionaire Frank Stronach.

The company mass produces Minis for BMW and various parts for Mercedes, and the company didn’t comment on producing part for Apple Car. Previous reports also speculated that BMW might be a huge contender to build Apple’s first vehicle.

With that said, Apple has also hired plenty of car experts over the last few years aside from the poeple working at the secret lab in Berlin. Comes frrom Tesla, Ford and Mercedez-Benz employees.

So, we’ll be going to see a new product from the Cupertin-based company very soon, at least its first glimpse in photos, Apple Car.

(Via: Business Insider)

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