MVNO: Apple In Talks To Launch Its Own Wireless Mobile Carrier In The U.S. and Europe

No secret here and it evidently looks like Apple could about to follow the footsteps of Google Project Fi by launching its own mobile virtual network operator, or MVNO as it’s more affectionately known as. Currently, Apple in early talks to launch its wireless mobile carrier in both the United States and European market. According to a new reports that speaks, Tim Cook’s Cupertino based company is in talks with partnrs over the possibility of effectively oprating as its own carrier with operations in the US and Europe territories, thanks to deals with existing suppliers in those areas.

Although, with early negotiations begenning in Europe to bring the MVNO services overseas, Apple would essentially become its own network carrier. If completed, freeing the company and iPhone users from any particular current carrier like T-Mobile or AT&T, and allow users to pay for the usual data, calls, and test services directly from Apple itself.


MVNO is essentially a virtual mobile network that allows technology companies, like Apple or Google in this instance, to purchase network space from existing and established mobile networks. Purchasing companies would then create and market their own carrier packages with the intention of selling the service directly to consumers, presumably alongside its own hardware in Apple’s case, through CDMA follow up. It’s great way of offering a full-stack experience under one brand name.

In Apple’s case, rather than purchase a device from the company and then pay a monthly fee to the likes of Verizon Wireless, the whole experience would be converged. Cosnumers with an iPhone or cellular iPad would get the complete experience directly from Apple, paying the company directly for any data sent and received, or for any SMS text or telephone voice call bundles. As aforementioned, Apple’s own SIM would be where the magic lies, and would automatically handle switching between the available networks that Apple has partnerships with.

The MVNO would allow Apple to lease space from network carriers already in the business of providing data to customers, with the Apple SIM card — already included in the cellular versions of the iPad Air 2 and iPad Mini 3 — picking up and switching between carriers on the fly for the best service possible.

Apple is actually in the process of trailing the service as we speak, as of now it just being in the consideration or discussion stage. The testing of the MVNO service doesn’t garuntee its eventual arrival for customers using an iPhone inthe United States and Europe. But, if the company does intend to eventually become a carrier itself, it would be a fairly long-term goal of five years or more to be fully implemented.

If Apple is testing the service then there’s no guarantee that it will launch, and if it does, it’s not going to roll out anytime soon. Telecoms sources say that Apple is looking long-term with its MVNO, and could take at least five years to fully launch the service. Apple has been in talks with telecoms companies for years over its MVNO plans, and it’s an “open secret” amongst carriers that a virtual Apple network is on the way.

Talks with telecom companias supposedly been ongoing for a number of years with it being highly likely that it could be another four or five years before Apple virtual network makes an appearance, after all. Speculation surrounding Apple becoming its own wireless provider has been swirling for a decade now. With Apple rumored to be in “advanced discussions” with mobile standard organization GSMA in the production of a standardized mobile electronic SIM card – would allow customers to avoid being locked into a dedicated network carrier. The company appears to at least be positioning itself for the possibility of a future MVNO launch.


Remind you that Google’s Project Fi currently available for the Nexus 6 in the United States, it definitely makes perfect sence for Apple to be at least considering this as an option, particularly as the company filed a patent for an MVNO back in 2006.

What do you think about Apple’s own wireless mobile carrier?

(Source: Business Insider)

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