Apple Indeed Working On A Tool To Transfer iPhone Data To Android Devices [Denied]

Although Apple has denied on reports surfaced suggesting that its developing a tool to transfer data form iPhone to Android phones. Actually it was said that Apple working on a new software to let people more easily move their contacts, photos, music to an Android devuice which they wish to migrate to the alternative platform.

Rumors from the past few weeks, has published a questionable point about Apple was planning to develop a tool to help iPhone users switch to Android to appease major European telecoms operators, according to The Telegraph. The EU mobile operators are mounting pressure on Apple to make the process of transferring their data from an iPhone to a smartphone running Android on-board.


Citing a “senior industry source,” the site also suggests that Apple had agreed to create a feature that would eventually let customers transfer their iPhone data to a non-iOS devices, Android. Apple has made a statement to BuzzFeed, clarifying that no iPhone to Android switching tool is under development. No way we are going to develop such initiative.

“There is no truth to this rumor,” Apple spokesperson Trudy Muller said in a statement to BuzzFeed News. “We are entirely focused on switching users from Android to iPhone, and that is going great.”

Operators does believe that the lack of data switching tool can act as a potential deterrent for technically challenged customers from leaving Apple’s ecosystem, though. This also gives Mac maker an upper hand in negotiations over them, where the operators are are pretty much looking to nullify.

It’s also said by Apple spokereson that the company has been working hard to encourage Android users to switch to iPhone over the past few months, making the development process of the tool to encouyrage the opposite nonsensical. It was in September, when Apple launched a “Move to iOS” app, to make it easier to Android users switch to an iPhone.

Before that release, Apple debuted a trade-in program that allows Android users to trade in their Android-based devices to receive a gift card towards the purchase of an iPhone smartphone.

There is no perfect news from Apple that its planning to offer a tool for iPhone devices to easily import their data to Android devices. Nowadays, the Google’s open-source platform-based devices comes with a built-in transfering tools and with the lack of switching software, Apple is forced to launch one.

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[Via: The Telegraph]

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