Apple Rumors: Truly Revamped Wireless Earphones With Charging Case For iPhone 7 In Development

Continues with the following rumors regarding the upcoming iPhone 7. Next counterpart is believed to see the death of the 3.5mm earphones/headphone jack. Admitting it happened, the next iPhone leaving Lightning and Bluetooth as the only way to connect to earphones/headphones to Apple’s new smartphone, both of which have their own limitations.

Apple is said to be working on bringing its own wireless earphones to market, readying for iPhone7. Bluetooth is by far the most elegant scenerio, though. Using the know-how that it aquired when it bought Beats. New set of Bluetooth earphones are said to be completely wireless with potential of launching the accessory alongside the iPhone 7 this fall. That said they do not even have a cable connecting both the left and right earphones of two. Sources of 9to5Mac suggests Apple’s offering as similar to Motorola’s Moto Hint headset and Bragi’s Dash headphones, which showcased at CES 2016, and the concept is entirely different.

For iPhone 7, revamped wireless earphones are still in development but hoped to be ready for arrival in the given release time frame. Two new earphones are likely to feature a microphone for hands-free calling as well, get an unique way access to Siri voice commands. Still, they would need a button of some sort to be built into one of the earpieces. Latest version of new wireless Apple/Beats headphones in progress do not include any port for charging. Unlike the current Beats wireless earphones, the upcoming offering won’t come with an integrated micro-USB charging ports but with a carrying case that doubles as a rechargeable attery to juice up the earphones when they aren’t in use.

Charging case of sorts for wirelessly charging them, while Apple hopes to debut the new earphones this fall, which is of course in development could be delayed by battery life concerns. Design, that requires twin wireless chips and seperate batteries, sub-4-hour battery life without using the case could be expected. iPhone 7 is likely to be arriving, but sources say that Apple has not yet finalized the layout of the handset as yet.

Case makers said the source about Apple is currently testing three designs for the iPhone 7, including thinner look, waterproof body and no 3.5mm earphone jack, wireless charging. Today, with this headlines, new wireless pair will mark the first major hardware launch of the merged companies.

As far as pricing is concerned, this kind of tecnology doesn’t come anything cheap. A similar product of Bragi’s will retail for $300, which means that it is highly unlikely that the new set of Beats wireless earphones will be bundled in with new iPhones. Apple has although registered the “AirPods” trademark which may be what these are called.

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