Apple Is Developing In-House Power Management Chip, Analyst Reports Claims

According to the German analyst reports, Apple is now rumored to be working on an in-house power management chip. Although the news came earlier after signing a $9 billion deal with Samsung for the manufacturing of OLED display earlier this month. Now, as per Karsten Iltgen, analyst for German bank Bankhuas Lampe, cut his rating on Dialog Semiconductor this Tuesday, sending the chip manufacturer’s shares down the slope. Here are the details you will need to know about it more.

Apple's new in-house PMIC under development

Mr Iltgen stated that “strong evidence” suggests Apple is looking towards ditching Dialog’s power management integrated circuits (PMIC), and is allegedly working on its own unit that could eventually go live by 2019.

Just after Bankhaus Lampe reduced its Dialog rating to “sell” from “hold”, the chipmaker reportedly saw its shares go down by as much as 36%. 70% of Dialog’s sales in 2016 came from trade with the Californian tech giant, estimates show. Just to add some perspective to the financial impact this news has, Dialog accounts for about 20-percent of the global market, and is one of the leading PMIC producers in the world.

The company however, saw its shares soar by a double in 2016, as the common expectation was that trade with Apple shall continue and flourish further in 2017, when the iPhone 8 is due to make a splash.

As per the sources close to the matter, says: Apple has been “proaching like crazy” for Dialog engineers, trying to put together a team of top professional Bankhaus Lampe cites sources who suggest that Apple is setting up its own power management design centers in Munich and California, already having around 80 of its own engineers working on the new battery chip.

If the report is anything to be believed, then it goes on to suggest Apple might need to hire over 1000 engineers to completely replace its business with Dialog.

While Imagination Technologies last week issued a statement announcing that Apple plans to go in-house with its graphic chips, too, causing the company’s stock to go down by 70-percent.

It seems that the Apple’s 10th Anniversary iPhone will truly be the next special and more-Apple than any of its predecessors, given the dynamic shifts in manufacturing strategy we have seen, though rumors on the street is that you might not get to touch one until after September. Unlike expectations, Apple’s next iPhone is set to be a record-breaker in many ways, and recent financial headlines on Dialog do nothing rather add fuel to the anticipation within us all.

Stay tuned for more on this subject and the facts?

(Source: Reuters)(Via: PhoneArena)

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