Apple’s Dual Camera Patent Details How The Rumored System Works On iPhone 7

Latest report comes with nothing but more interesting than a good Apple patent. With considerable regularity in general and very few actually end up turning into legitimate products. But that doesn’t mean there aren’t one or two really catching our eyes and get the concept flowing.

Like this new patent that many rumored for the iPhone 7 featuring a fancy new twin-camera setup as an example of such. What we already heard and discussed about a dual-camera system possibly being inb the works for the iPhone 7, but according to this new patent application which confirms that Apple was really working on such technology, unfortunately, we got no clear report at this point whether that ever did, or will turn into a genuine product.

Potentially though, this particular patent makes allocations for using two camera lenses to essentially switch between two different focal lengths, allowing photos to be taken that are zoomed in without resulting in an overall lower resolution like they already does. More accurate though, is the patent also describes that the two lenses incorporated could be used to take standalone stills while also recording movies, again without any reduction in image wuality or resolution unlike current Live Photos options.

By means, the use of two camera could not practically but theorotically allow Apple’s software to record 4K video simultaneously also getting that slow-motion clips that we all looking for. Example like, the patent itself specifies that using iMovie to blend everything altogether into one movie. Great!

Question rises on how could Apple use the dual-zoom lens. Camera modules of two could mean maximum resolution for best or better photo captures. Possibility there that one camera lens would also store a still image and the other in fact would apparently store a short video. Two in a row, would also be used to join the still image, video together to create an all-new image that highlights the primary object.


Moving on into typical fashion, wheraes the wording of Apple’s patent application makes somewhat difficult for mortals to truly undestand what the implications of a dual-camera system might be, when paired with Apple’s software. Patent also details about a single sensor, multi-lens camera system as well as a multi-sensor 3D cam. Currently, it remains to see the realization of that potential in the iPhone 7.

(Source: USPTO)

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