Apple Plans To Release iOS 8.4 GM, iOS 9 Beta 2 Earlier Than Official, Reason Why?

The news that surfaced earlier today suggests Apple ready to seed iOS 8.4 Golden Master (GM), which has historically neen release candidate software to registerd developers ahead of the Apple’s new streaming music service roll out on June 30. Reason behind this is so simple and that is because, the Apple Music streaming requires iOS 8.4 to work and the release also includes a redesigned Music app alongside a host of oher new features and improvements. Apart this, the iOS 9 beta 2 was also reportedly scheduled for release on June 21st, although it is possible that the release date is pushed back by one week to next Monday, 29th of June and just one day before Apple Music goes live.

Most likely that the iOS 8.4 GM will succeed iOS 8.4 beta 4 and be the final pre-release version ahed of the software update is publicly released. However, the Apple Music on iPhone, iPad and iPod touch requires the final version of iOS 8.4, so the Golden Master update should be released for all users within the next eaight days, with the all-new streaming music service built into the revamped stock Music app.

Announced earlier this month, Apple Music comes as an all-in-one streaming music service, live global radio station and social platform for artists to connect with their fans. It’s pretty much based on subscription act-service, will cost $9.99 per month just after a three-month free trail for iOS devices, Mac and PC. Apple TV and Android versions of Apple Music service will be available this fall, with the announcement of new iPhone and iOS 9 finally.

(Reports BGR)

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