Apple Rumored To Offer iPhone 6s In 32GB Storage Capacity?

New report emerged suggesting that Apple is planning on increasing storage capacity of the entry-level iPhone 6s and 6s Plus. Appears that Apple is in talks with Samsung for supplying these larger flash-based storage units.

Before we get into the rumor, we have to say something about the iPhone 6s storage onboard. That is why Apple not considering to offer a microSD card support? If it does, it can even rock the stage, compete with other big manufacturers worldwide. Apart this, the story begins with the current-gen iPhones and iPads may have stretched their storage limit to 128GB, but the entry-level mobile phones from Apple still come in at a mere 16GB, followed by a more impressive 64GB of built-in space.

Now that the Korean Times believes that Tim Cook and Co. are not interested in breaking the 128GB barrier just yet, but nevertheless are looking to increase storage capacity from 16GB to 32GB for their mid-tier models, which also apparent that Apple may skip the 16 GB variant once and for all in favor of 32 GB for the entry-level iPhone and iPad.

An unnamed source the website that: “As Apple plans to increase its shipments of the mid-range iPhone models with larger capacities amid growing consumer demand for data-intensive features, including cloud services, Samsung Electronics is in talks to sell more of its flash chips for the next models.”

Further reports also notes that the firm is negotiating with Samsung for manufacturing and supplying flash-based storage for its up-coming 6s and iPhone 6s Plus, but nothing is official yet nor finlaized, “because negotiations over pricing and guaranteed shipments were still underway.”  The publishing also believes that it was the pricing factor that caused Apple to move over to Toshiba, SK hynix, and SanDisk for its current iOS devices lineup.

In fact Samsung was also manufacturing the A series chips for Apple, and the production was moved over to TMSC in the past few years due to legal differences betweeb the two companies. But a report earlier this year had surfaced claiming that the Korean giant was the top runner to provide Apple with A9 SoCs for the upcoming iPhones models in 2015.

(Source: KoreaTimes) (Via)

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