Bad News: Apple Store No Longer Sells iPhone With 2-Year Contract On AT&T; Reports

Surprisingly, Apple overnight removed the option to purchase a new iPhone on two year contract agreement with AT&T on its Apple Online Store, which in sence eliminating the ability to customers to buy an iPhone for a subsidized price at $199 or $299 through the carrier. But Apple now sells the iPhones exclusively through the AT&T Next caerrier financing program. Whereas the two-year agreement can be signed with Verizon and Sprint, as Apple’s iPhone purchase with two year contract remains safe and available on the latter carriers.

What is AT&T Next? The carrier that allows customers to purchase a new iPhone for a $0 price down and make equal payments for 12, 18 or 24 months until the full price of the smartphone has been paid, at which the device can also be traded for a new iPhone. Exchange program, and the full prce breakdown for each iPhone model on AT&T Next, available through both the official Apple Online Store and Retail Store.

Here’s how the list goes by:

iPhone 6
– 16GB: From $21.64/month
– 64GB: From $24.97/month
– 128GB: From $28.30/month

iPhone 6 Plus
– 16GB: From $24.97/month
– 64GB: From $28.30/month
– 128GB: From $31.64/month

It was already reported by Droid-Life last month suggesting that AT&T would begin moving away from two-year contracts on June 1, but it claims that the option will however remain available through AT&T’s website, company owned retail stores, local dealers via direct fulfillment and customer service.

Finally, the shift away from two-year contracts is not specific to Apple or iPhone, but rather part of a larger move by AT&T.

(Via: MacRumors)

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