Apple’s iPhone 6s Launch Event Gets A Perfect Date, Same As Previous

All around the world is very much-anticipated of the next upcoming smartphones and other products from Apple, which includes iPhone 7, iPhone 6s and 6s Plus. As September draws near, rumors are starting to circulate as to the date Apple will announced their innovative. New report citing people familiar with Mac maker’s plans marks Wednesday, September 9th as the big day.


Exactly, the same day last year Apple announced the current crop of iPhones as well as the Apple Watch, so September 9th date is obvious precedent.  An announcement of the new hardware on the 9th and a subsequent release a couple of weeks later would fit Apple’s modus operandi.

Announcement, whenever it happens – will surely feature the new iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus at the very least and according to new report, it also suggests that Apple indeed plans to show of its latest iPads, thouigh it is unclear whether they will be available to purchase. The previous rumored iPad Pro is still an unknown, however, with little noise suggesting it will see the light of day at this event.

Apparently, we will be also witnessing the release of the highly-anticipated Apple TV refresh (ATV4), that has been in the pipeline already. Set to bring a whole new user interface to a newly redesigned Apple TV box, the uipdated product could see Apple finally give the Apple Television some much-needed attention having famously branded it a hobby at one point. And if Apple does out its new set-top box next month, it’s highly admitted that the rumored subscription TV service at the same time.


Interested in a new iPad or the redesigned Apple TV, there should be a little something for everyone come September 9th, assuming that date is correct. Apple’s iPhone announcements perfectly comes bundled with some other new or updated product lineup, and this year’s fall on Sept. 9th, is no different, rather hyped.

(Source: BuzzFeed)

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