Apple Watch 2 Rumored To Feature Built-in Cellular Connectivity

Reports and analytics suggests that centered on the first-year sales of Apple Watch, and a new one welcomed by predicting what Apple will do with the next-generation iPhone in favor of focusing on another line of the company’s expanding products. In particular, The Wall Street Journal cliams that Apple is working on including cellular network connectivity and a faster processor inside the so-called Apple Watch 2 as part of a move towards device independence.

Talking about the second-generation Apple Watch and kitting it out with a built-in cellular data functionality that could allow it to operate independency of a connected iPhone would certainly be an appealing prospect for consumers. The addition of standalone cell-network connectivity onto the wrist-worn timepiece could bring some benefits to users. While the current-generation hardware requires a connection between itself and an iPhone via the native Watch iOS app to be able to access network features, and to even perform usual tasks like texting and telephone call functionality. With that frustrating process, offering this type of feature reliance undobtedly has benefits, but also comes with very explicit downsides.

Admitting that such a feature required an additional data plan, on top of one they might already have for both the iPhone and iPad, no need of heavy reliance on a tethered iPhone to provide basic iMessage and phone calls, like such benefits using GPS, and streaming Apple Music without an iPhone nearby could outweigh the cons for some users. If the second-generation Apple Watch was to ship with a built-in cellular data connectivity, then all the oft-mentioned will be required additionally. If that’s the case here, then things can start to get very expensive very quick, as Apple smartwatch doesn’t come at affordable price-tag. There’s also the fact that some people simply might not want to manage and maintain different tariffs and data plans with different providers just to be able to use their iOS devices, and now the Apple Watch. Technology is meant to enrich and simply our lives. Not make it more difficult and outrageous.

The new hints given for the next-generation Apple Watch, rumors that point to the upcoming version of Apple’s wearable gaining much-requested independence from the iPhone. In addition to the cellular data speculation history, reports have also alluded to the potential for Apple to go further a huge design overhaul with the next major release of the Apple Watch. Secondory, is that Apple began implementing a third-party push for iPhone independency by announcing that al watchOS apps submitted to the Apple Store after June 1, 2016 will be required to be native applications. Such updates to watchOS, it allow the wearable device to open apps more quickly and provide a smoother experience to users, instead of having to transmit data back and forth between a Bluetooth-connected iPhone. With a faster processor, mentioned in today’s report is something largely expected from a product cycle by Apple. Efforts to introduce an all-around faster UI for the Next Apple Watch 2.

It was initialy suggested that the new Apple hardware could come in at 40-percent thinner than the original Apple Watch. Prominent KGI Securities analyst Ming-Chi Juo has already made their suggestion by claiming that the Apple Watch 2 could specifically focuse more on internal improvements under the existing outer case design.

Predicted the Apple Watch 2 release expected this coming fall. which won’t be long until we start to see more concrete evidence of what Apple actually has in store for those consumers looking to dive into the world of wearables by taking their chance on the Apple Watch 2, alongside the iPhone 7.

(Source: WSJ)

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