Apple’s 4-inch iPhone Could Be Called iPhone 5e, Not iPhone 6c

It hasn’t been officially confirmed yet by Apple about the purported 4-inch iPhone that’s supposedly going to launch this year, but there are still speculation regarding the device and continues. Today, a new report has surfaced suggesting that the Cupertino-based company is readying a device that goes by potentially marketing it as the “iPhone 5e”, and which is not to be specced as the iPhone 6s as we and many thought, alleged.

The 4-inch iPhone may actually be called the iPhone 5e, not 6c
Sources claiming that we could see the hardware introduced during March event. The intensity of conjucture pertaining to the new report however, suggests that Apple might be planning to go by branding that would-be new 4-inch ‘iPhone 5e’.

Refers to the fact that the ‘e’ stand for “enhanced”, and the 4-inch device would come equipped with a number of functions and features that aren’t made available inside the previous versions of 4-inch iPhones. Apple’s next iPhone with smaller display to sport Apple Pay, NFC and VoLTE options and is also accompanying promotional image that shows up the iPhone 5e name of the device alongside three of the phones stacked beside one another.

In addition to the claim that the 4-inch iPhone to become iPhone 5e, is already in production at Foxconn. The source (s) have suggested that the internal specification will be more in line with current-gen iPod touch. Could integrate Apple A8 CPU and a relatively disappointing 1GB of RAM. Shipped with a smaller on-board storage space of 16GB and go to 64GB and could be priced affordably. If that is the case then we could essentially expect a device with premium specifications aimed at a budget audience. The model 5e may come with metal body and colorful panels as well.

(Source: MyDrivers [Google Translate])

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