Apple’s iPhone 8 Could Come With A Mirror-Like Finish

The design of the Apple’s iPhone 8 has been very much discussed till date, but not mentioned about the new mirror-like finish offering as yet. Now, Benjamin Geskin has chimed in with an additional insight by putting forward his belief that Apple will release the phone in four color variations, including all-new mirror Finish, a reflective “mirror-like” exterior never before seen on iPhone. Here are the details on what exactly the 5th color option is all set to offer.

Rumors suggest Apple’s next device will include a reflective case as well as three other color options. According to the tweet by a well-respected Apple leaker, Gaskin tweeted the unexpected as a surprise. An image of an old model with a mirror case suggests what it could look like, originally. Rest of the three other color include white, rose gold and black.

However, it doesn’t take a well-placed insider to know that Apple might offer the color variant by releasing iPhone 8 to the market with multiple options. All of the company’s modern devices come with different external finishes which are designed to give users a choice to reflect their own personality with their choice.

If Geskin believes iPhone 8 will ship with three standard options, presumably be pulled from the current iPhone 7 range, as well as a new mirror-reflective exterior which will dynamically make iPhone 8 instantly unique when compared to Apple’s previous releases.

It could always be interesting when insiders make predictions like this. More so when you consider that the tweet from which this information comes wasn’t official, rather not accompanied by any info pointing to a credible source. Apple will take to try and make the tenth anniversary iPhone unqiue and also make it stand out from previous devices, though, we can’t instantly tell if this information already circulating online has been relayed to Geskin via someone with insider info. There’s also no additional information on what the other three color options could be.

Things are becoming worst and somewhat surprising, and are definitely starting to get more interesting from an iPhone 8 perspective. The clock is ticking on Apple’s roadmap to get iPhone 8 to market, and we are starting to hear speculation which doesn’t immediately sit right with customers around the corner.

Previous rumors have suggested that the iPhone 8 could come in six colors, with red, gold and grey options. Also said that Apple could also abandon its Touch ID fingerprint scanner entirely in favor of a new facial recognition system.

As an example, it’s recently been predicted by KGI Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo that iPhone 8 may ditch Touch ID completely. In the pace of that Apple want to use new technology to integrate some kind of advanced 3D facial recognition as a replacement.

Anything can happen, as they say it, we don’t know until we know literally, but it looks as though we are in for a radical change when iPhone 8 drops in couple of months time. Stay tuned for more!

Source: @VenyaGeskin1 [Twitter])

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