Apple’s Wireless ‘AirPods’ For iPhone 7 Confirmed By Trademark Filing

Apple’s next iPhone, the iPhone 7 is largely expected to ship this coming September without the iconic 3.5mm headphone jack. It was in doubt that the change will happen, and if it did, then Apple will have to provide purchasers of the device with a new way of listening to personal audio through the device. There was a speculation regarding it, as the idea of Apple releasing fully wireless ear buds, which isn’t entirely possible. But nevertheless, the macOS maker has filed trademarks in the US with the name “AirPods”.

Apple, in fact potentially introducing a Lightning-enabled set of headphones, or even a wireless version using Bluetooth technology. Now, after much digging and following of hunches, newly leaked information suggests that a filing for ‘AirPods’ on behalf of Entertainment In Flight LLC could very well be Apple trying to hide its ture plans.

Evidence here really suggests Apple’s ‘AirPods’ for the upcoming iPhone 7 is real, and it could happen in a mere time, this September. Last October it emerged that a company had made an application with the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USTPO) to have a patent filed and granted for a technology it called ‘AirPods’.

While the company in question was named as Entertainment In Flight LLC doesn’t instantly appear to have any connection to Apple Inc. A set of amended documents listed against the trademarked application now lead us to believe that this could be a shell company used by Cupertino-based company to obfuscate its true plans for the iPhone 7 audio accessory.

Uploaded a documented signed and dated July 7th, 2016, in response to a request from the trademark examiner asking for additional information and clarification about the submission. The document not only contained more granular info regarding the type of goods to be covered under the ‘AirPods’ trademark, but was also signed by a Jonathan Brown, who is listed on the document as a “Manager” for Entertainment In Flight LLC. It seems that Apple also employs him as a lawyer with the title “Senior Standards Counsel”.

This amended document was spotted just one day before the 6 month deadline to respond to a request to clarify some broad descriptions of what the trademark name covers. Uncovering a set of documents pertaining to a 2010 civil case containing a pair of signatures belonging to Apple’s Senior Standards Counsel, it can also be seen that the sign listed on the ‘AirPods’ trademark filing, and the former, are undeniably similar to suggest that the person is one and the same.

Apple seems to be still interested in keeping the trademark name instated and could perhaps mean that the company indeed intends to make these AirPods. Took its own time to respond likely to make time before the product is been developed. We will have to wait for official confirmation on this, but if Apple is behind the trademarked filing, and is using it to hide what it’s working on, then it’s highly likely that the iPhone 7 will ship with a set of wireless audio headsets called “AirPods”. Or, he iPhone 7 could be bundled with some EarPods that connect via Lightning port.

(Source: MacRumors)

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