BlackBerry And Samsung Partner To Build An Android Smartphone With BB Services; Report

Would be great to see Samsung ‘Galaxy BlackBerry’ smartphone with all the BB services integrated into it to make a perfect Android phone. It’s just apparent, but could be in real time if they are actually working together to bring a high-end Android smartphone this year. While the “BlackBerry and Samsung’s creation could eventually makes sense of an integrated enterprise solution for Android.” See, all these are speculations and no one here are pretty sure about what their plans are at the moment, and before you decide to believe this you have to take it with a pinch of salt.

If it becomes true, then its not gonna be the first BlackBerry/Samsung partnership, where both the companies became close for the launch of BlackBerry Messenger for Android, and msot recently with the latest security suite for the Galaxy smartphones, based on Samsung KNOX and BlackBerry’s BES12 cross-platform EMM solution.

It was in the rumor mills that Samsung is planning to acquire the Candian-base of smartphone and Messenger manufacturer, but anyway, BlackBerry is not in mood for acquisitions, but nevertheless, it might be partnering with the South Korean giant in developing an Android smartphone with integrated BlackBerry services.

Recently it was speculated that BlackBerry considering jumping on the Android bandwagon and today it mix with Samsung’s partnership in producing such. Prolific analyst Eldar Murtazin suggests that Samsung and BlackBerry will be entering a partnership to work on an Android Lollipop based smartphone.

Presumably this would feature Samsung’s design and manufacturing cues, alongside an Android-powered suite of BlackBerry apps, including BB Messenger and the security focused apps BlackBerry is work on for its next tablet. Although, two giants already have a number of building blocks that would apparently mean a combed smartphone effort would be logical next step. When you talk about the BlackBerry 10 OS, BlackBerry has ported some of its key apps and ecosystems onto other platforms, including Android.

There are other indications that the Canadian based smartphone maker is already looking at the production of Android smartphone later this year, a timescale that could tie in with this potential Samsung project. First time? No, Samsung and BlackBerry will have worked together on hardware, while the Canadian company announced the BlackBerry SecuTablet at MWC 2015, was actually built around the Samsung Galaxy S 10.5 and features secure apps and software from BB10 OS (SecuSuite and SecuSmart), Samsung Knox (for device encryption) and IBM’s app wrapping technology.

However the SecuTablet wan’t built on Android platform, but the project will have placed teams from the two companies cose together during brainstorming sessions – which would indeed prove fertile ground to discuss the idea of a smartphone partnership.

Whereas the SecuTablet was effectively a ‘white box’ production by Samsung, similar to the work carried out for Barnes and Noble in its Nook tablet that was based around the Galaxy Tab 4. BlackBerry would be shipping new hardware with the current high-end specifications, though it would provide the company with a flagship device that does not look familiar to the current production of smartphones, but it would sacrifice some long held beliefs and status to do so.

While manufacturing is contracted out to Foxconn for many other current devices, BlackBerry still designs the smartphones that it sells. How ‘BlackBerry’ would a hypotechnical ‘Samsung Galaxy BlackBerry’ be if it wee to be made? Only by making its BlackBerry hardware by adding a QWERTY keyboard. Beyond that, BB10 does allow Android apps to run on the platform, the core experience and UI is still under BlackBerry’s control.

It was also said that the BlackBerry’s slider handset is supposed to feature a 5.1-inch 2K resolution dual-edge display, octa-core processor, and a camera combination of 16-megapixel (rear) and 5-megapixels (front), all of which is already included in Samsung’s Galaxy S6 Edge, called BlackBerry Venice supposedly to sport a QWERTY keyboard in addition, which slides out. And to remind you, a report from last month said BlackBerry is reportedly being eyed by firms like Microsoft, Xiaomi, Lenovo and others for an acquisition.

So what wuld be the BlackBerry Samsung Android smartphone to be called, if its there?

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