Witnessed: BlackBerry Passport Running Android On Board Caught On Video

If you are thinking the BlackBerry Venice is the only the one smartphone cming with Android as its operating system, then you have to look at this proof, where you will be surprised, knowing that that isn’t the one. Here comes the BalckBerry Passport refresh that might be also getting the Lollipop treatment, or else Android 6.0 Marshmallow this fall. Why that? Because a fresh and new video has surfaced suggesting that the ultra wide handset is also running a build of Android OS.


The embedded video below shows up an Android build of Lollipop running on BlackBerry Passport, as the Venice was expected to ffer a similar software experience, but nevertheless, the rumors and past leaks confirms the build of Android BlackBerry phones onboard will offer fully-fledged integration with the Canadian commany’s services and BB10 specific features. In addition, with the presense of the BalckBerry Hub that eventually serves up a single point access to view notifications from all your apps.

Next to that would be the BlackBerry Messenger is already available across Android and iOS, which is admitted by some of the other applications such as Contacts and Calendar, might make their way into Android as well. In the non-English clip above, you’ll see the silver phone cycle through the Android home screen, app drawer, and Google Play. And of course, this is a home project where someone simply managed to finagle stock Android onto their phone.

CM8NBejWIAAz6jx.jpg large

BlackBerry has yet to confirm plans to bring Android to the Passport, while the Venice was previously flashed on stage at one of its events. Final word is that take this rumor video with a pinch of salt for now.

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