BlackBerry Teases A Dual-Curved Screen Slider At MWC 2015 [Images]

BlackBerry at MWC keynote made some announcements boring, but also made a few interesting introductions near the end of the lengthy talk, including one major curveball, that no one had really expected. Nevertheless, BlackBerry did it.


First and foremost the Candian manufacturer announced its new BlackBerry Leap and allotted new colors for the BlackBerry Classic. But what actually made the audience by storm is the curved, slider phone that made a beefy appearance on stage.

Here’s the first glimpse of the BlackBerry device that come out of the blue was meant as a huge tease for users and fans. It did seem that the phone had a real double-edged screen, much like the one on the new Galaxy S6 Edge. But these are only based on few photographs, taken from a distance, so it could be simply a visual effect of the overlaying glass.

And soon, we’ll be invited to see what actually the BlackBerry’s dual-curved smartphone will be offered for grabs. The smartphone, which Ron was referring to simply as “the slider,” comes, as the name suggests in an interesting kind of form factor.

Stay tuned to learn more about how much it to be a major selling point for the device once it become available with a physical keyboard……and….lot more.

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