Bloatware: Google’s Next Android Phones To Come With Fewer Pre-Installed Apps

Freedom from Bloatware? Google is evidently planning to make some optional serveal apps that were required parts of Android for third-party devices, which officially includes Google Play Games and Newsstand to memotize its contribution to the scourge of bloatware. How? You might have heard by now that the newly launched Galaxy Note 5 by Samsung comes without Google+ pre-loaded (installed). While some are using this as more “proof” that Google+ is dead (discussions later), in reality it’s just one of several Google apps that are no longer required to be included by the manufacturers and enthusiasts who make our phones. Details below will explain you about less Google bloatware in its next Android phones.

Your new Android phone will have less Google bloatware - Pre-installed apps?
Anybody in the history owning a phone ever wanted a Google+ app? Preinstalled apps like Google+ on Android and Stocks on iOS are called “bloatware” because they’re stuck on the phone before you buy it, and are often either difficult to remove or to delete permanently. Results is, they grab your phone’s memory and serve no purpose and generally infuriate people.

With Google bloatware, most of the phone makers either have to choose between too many Google apps or none when your phone running Android on it. For instance, if the makers like Samsung and LG want to include actually useful tools like the Gmail app on their phones, they must have to include a preset list of other Google applications as well. Shitty rule from Google in terms of conditions. But nevertheless, the serach giant is dialing back the restrictions: Indeed, getting rid of Google Play Games, Google Play Books, Google+, and Google Neststand in its mandatory app segment.

It’s great to hear about the oft-mentinoned news regarding Google bloatware will be removed from upcoming Android phones, but it doesn’t mean your next phone will be free of bloatware. Samsung and LG, and other phonemakers tend to include their own special brand of blotware, like Lenovo bloatware on its tablets, as well as carriers like Verizon and T-Mobile. You’re still going to have apps like T-Mobile TV, Sprint Zone, AT&T Navigator and Verizon Messenger installed, whether you want them or not.

Note: These apps aren’t open source, nor are they part of the AOSP.  Apple bundles bloatware many don’t want or need into every iPhone, as does Microsoft, and hence the companies want you to see all of their services, and aren’t afraid to push them on you.

Finally, this decission from Google makes many happy and at least you won’t have to disable Google Play Newsstand, Google Earth, or Google Keep. The less bloatware that gets tossed in my face, the better.

What do you think about less Google Bloatware on next Andriod phones?

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