Rumors: New Samsung Galaxy A Series Coming With Curved Displays In 2017

Surfaced as a speculation that suggesting Samsung is working on a new Galaxy A series, planning to launch Galaxy A (2017) with curved displays. However, it’s not clear when Samsung will be offering a curved display sporting Galaxy A smartphone, that should be pose like what you get with the Galaxy S7 Edge.

Introducing dual-edge curved screens to its mid-range handsets with the launch of Galaxy A series will definitely set them apart from the competition. Samsung shouldn’t need to provide more value for money with these handsets as it comes under increasing pressure from Chinese OEMs, such as Xiaomi, Huawei, OPPO, Vivo and others, which are certainly in this segment of the market.

Now, however, we has got nothing on this rumor and have unclear message on which handsets in series will receive the curved display. Considering the fact that the Galaxy A series include both entry-level and mid-range smartphones, which will be released alongside the 2017 Galaxy S8 flagship. It’s unlikely that a curved display will be added to the budget-friendly Galaxy A3.

There’s still no clear information available about this right now so take this report or claim with a pinch of salt until we get more evidence to support this theory. While Samsung hasn’t said a single word about expanding curved displays to the Galaxy A series so one can’t really imagine about it regrading.

One point to be noted is that Samsung is expected to introduce its new Galaxy A (2017) lineup early next year. Those handsets are likely going to be launched in select markets across the globe, including but not limited to India and China.

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