Cyanogen Inc Finally Ends Up Its Partnership With Chinese OEM OnePlus

Cyanogen based OnePlus One made a big hype in smartphone market, which although have had a rough relationship with each other over the past few months, have finally comes to an end, and decided to part ways. More details on this news can be grabbed after this fold.

Cyanogen ends OnePlus partnership, aims to work with bigger Chinese vendors
According to the Chief Officer Of Cyanogen, Steve Kondik – both companies have different goals for software, and therefore the breakup. ‘Two new companies are trying to do crazy stuff, a lot of people collide,” he said.

Commenting on the company’s tie up with OnePlus, Cyanogen CEO Kirt McMaster said, “Without Cyanogen, OnePlus would have sold like one device in international markets. Essentially they built their brand on the back of Cyanogen.”

Being an US-based company, Cyanogen offers an alternative version of Android ROM free of many restrictions that Google has subtly incorported, will however continue supporting OnePlus phones that run its OS.

Finally, Cyanogen is apparently looking to partner with those Chinese brands that have global market intention. “It’s a great way for them to build some identity outside of China using a brand that’s already reasonably well known,” McMaster said.

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