Did Samsung Hired Attendees For Its Galaxy S6, S6 Edge Launch Event In China; Reports

Believe it or not almost half of the people who attended the Samsung’s recent press event in China were paid. About 500 of them are hired by the South Korean giant, and this news comes from the Shangai-based news outlet, The Paper. More details on Samsung paid 500 fake fans for its launch event in China can be checked after this break.


According to the report, claims that Samsung pay people to attend the show off the Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge smartphones, which means from 1000 people who were there live, half of them (almost 500) were fired. Reports also suggests that Samsung wanted recruites to hire people under 30 who look like students, adding that those who spent more than an hour at the event were paid $4.80 per attendee, while recruites were paid $3.20 for each person they recuited.

Followed by the news that the Samsung fans were told to tell the press that they attended the keynote because there were Samsung favorites or because they were interested in Sammy’s new phones. Those 500 fake fans were taking pictures of the Galaxy S6, s6 Edge with an Apple iPhone, which is somewhat tweeky. One attendee said that she answered an ad on WeChat, an IM app in China, and in return she eraned the equivalant of $8.14 USD for satying more than 15 minutes at the media event.

Gossip here is in fact that, every hired person had to post their picture, name and phone number on WeChat, and at the same time had to ‘like’ the Samsung Galaxy Baidu page altogether.

Why Samsung, why are you doing these? Only because of loosing your grip from the country since December to February iPhone market share, took away 27.6% in China, according to another news channel. Not only Apple’s iPhone 6 took a 10.2% market share, buy also followed by the Xiaomi Redmi and the phablet from Apple, the iPhone 6 Plus. Samsung, it’s now your turn to show up your effort and bring back the pride once again, bcause’ I am a big Fan of Samsung products.


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