Did You See That: A Fake “iPhone 7” Leaked Video Surfaced On Social Media

Actually what happened is that Apple was confirming that the notebook pictured behind Apple general counsel Bruce Sewll during the 60 minutes special Inside Apple is the 12-inch MacBook released in April 2015, which was the same picture speculated it could be an ultra-thin MacBook Pro. In a later segment, Apple even covered desks in its secretive design studio so that cameras could not capture what the company is working on next. But purortedly, a fake video of “iPhone 7” or else the next-generation iPhone prototype spotted by French website, Nowherelse.fr. Falsely depicts an alleged Foxconn employee handling an iPhone that seemingly lacks a home button.

Hardware pictured behind Apple general counsel Bruce Sewell could be an Ultra-thin MacBook Pro.

It was circulated on the Internet Web as a fake “iPhone 7” leaked in a sketchy video. From “ViralVideoLab“, it shows a metallic device with an Apple logo, but it’s noticeably thicker than the iPhone 6s and includes regulatory markings that are questionalble for such an early prototype.

Quitely that the prototype more closely resembles an HTC One M9 with thin bezels along the top and bottom of the screen. Assuming that Foxconn has been the source of iPhone leaks in the past, including the iPhone 6 rear shell and dimensions, but it’s unlikely Apple has provided the supplier with an assembled “iPhone 7” prototype over nime months ahead of its expected release date.

At the moment, there’s nothing more information regarding the physical components for the next-gen iPhone 7 have been leaked. But sure we’ll update it here if anything comes out in the upcoming future. Stay tuned!

Yet-to-make an official announcement by Apple about the rollout of the patended technology to the upcoming iPhone 7 in 2016.

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