Apple Releases iOS 10.3.1 Final IPSW Links For iPhone And iPad [Download Now]

You can now download iOS 10.3.1 / 10.3 final IPSW links for compatible iPhone, iPad and iPod touch devices. Here are the details.

Although Apple’s iOS 10.3 release saw a lack of support for 32-bit devices, but that’s changed with today’s update. iOS 10.3.1 brings back support for 32-bit and is available for iPhone 5 and 5c. Release note for the particular update are little, only nothing but bug fixes and security improvements.

Today’s update Apple released iOS 10.3.1, which is only one week after iOS 10.3 was released. After going through the usual process of releasing a number of pre-release beta seed builds for iOS 10.3 to registered iOS developers, as well as pushed out for public testers enrolled in the Apple Beta Software Program, Apple has now sees iOS 10.3 fit to be rolled to the masses.

iOS 10.3.1 is considered a minor update as it patches security issues and contains fixes to minor bugs. With a major update to iOS 10.3 included Apple FileSystem and Find My AirPods, and this new update of 10.3.1 doesn’t specify what it fixes that wasn’t addressed in the wide-ranging iOS 10.3 update released a week ago.

Now, the Apple’s engineers are confident enough with the platform, and the fact that it ships without any service-affecting or show-stopping bugs, to actually give the green light of release for device owners around the world to start putting it onto their main daily-use devices.

With not only a number of subtle improvements and changes that will definitely enhance the user-experience on iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch, but the launch comes with not so subtle changelog that can originally change the internals of iOS, such as mentioned already, the APFS.

Additionally a feature to locate lost AirPods via updated Find My iPhone app has been included, along with improved Siri with extra intelligence and capabilities. Apple has also re-enabled call blocking extensions, which may have been available in previous versions of iOS, but were disabled with early iOS 10.3 betas for many reasons. When you add those things to a number of HomeKit enhancements, the fact that CarPlay now has additional capabilities, there’s still a new user profile and security section directly within Settings app, you can get an update which is no doubt worthy of an immediate download.

Users with a compatible iPhone, iPad or iPod touch can straight away go to the Software Update functionality within the native Settings app (General > Software Update) to grab the latest update. And this will be serviced to the device as an over-the-air download.

iOS 10.3.1 OTA
Alternatively, for those facing difficulties, or how just prefer an entirely fresh install and fresh start, they can grab the latest IPSW file directly from the links below and that too using Apple’s iTunes software install it on the relevant iOS device.

iOS 10.3.1 IPSW Direct Download Links:

Update x1: Apple has released a minor bug fix and security release in iOS 10.3.1 update. It’s important to note that currently there is no jailbreak available for iOS 10.3.x, with the last public jailbreak being yalu102 for iOS 10.x.x-10.2 devices. If jailbreaking is what you want, simply avoid updating your device to iOS 10.3.x.