You Can Download Kodi 18 Alpha Nightly Builds Available Now

Kodi is one such cross-platform media application that can turn your PC, phone, or other device intp full-screen media center, TV-friendly user interface for accessing music, movies, and videos. Now that Kodi supports phones and tablet as well as personal computers and portable PCs, laptops, has Kodi team pushing out new versions of one of the world’s most popular open-source media platform, Kodi – formally XBMC – with an announcement made in mid-January about Kodi 18 “Leia”.

Kodi 17 “Krypton” kicked off merely a year ago, one of the key new features was introduction of new default skins for big screens and smaller touchscreen devices, which has barely been in user’s hands, but it’s now been announced that an alpha nightly build of Kodi 18 is now available to download and test out.

Kodi 18 Download Now

It’s the free and open-source media player – proven to be somewhat of a global success in recent years. Started out as a relatively small-scale and somewhat ambitious project all those years ago is now a powerhouse of a build, offering native versions for a range of platforms, including Linux, Windows, macOS, Android, iOS, tvOS and, perhaps rather bizarrely, Raspberry Pi.

Notable things about Kodi 18 today is that it is visually almost, identical to its predecessor, which is perfectly understandable. One of the first things to catch is the team’s introduction of differences with some menu items and where they are placed, but aside from that its’ largely the same visual experience. From a functionality point perspective, it’s largely expect release 18 to be very similar, too.

The developers and engineers behind Kodi have until recently been tinkering and amending Kodi 17 with 17.1 release. In fact, it’s likely this nightly build of Kodi 18 will be the extension of that, with incremental changes and improvements to fix issues discovered in the previous build.

Kodi 17

An Home theater software’s latest build is here. Any hardcore Kodi users, and those hugely involved in the Kodi community, will likely already be all over this download link availability, and already getting to grips with everything that Kodi 18 “Leia” offers.

For standard user of Kodi doesn’t regularly keep abreast of new releases, it’s worth reiterating that the alpha nightly build of Kodi 18 is available to download, install, and interact with right now via the official Kodi download page at

Find links for Kodi 18 nightly builds, as always we’ll know more about it as it progresses and as additional downloads become available. Stay tuned for more!

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