Download PlayBox HD For iPhone, iPad Without Jailbreak

To stream free movies, PlayBox HD download managed to sneak into the App Store, despite the Apple moderation team resticted streaming of Hollywood movies. Back when it was temorarily available, we showed you how to install it on your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch devices. Without jailbreaking, you can still install PlayBox HD on your device right now.

If you installed the app the official way, by downloading it from the App Store when it was available, then you’re set to go. And if you haven’t made the conventional way, and you can’t / won’t be jailbreaking, PlayBox HD download is available up through vshare.

It’s something like MovieBox and Popcorn Time and PlayBox HD have had their share of controversies, with the former having even been abandoned by its initial development team. Followed by App Store bans and plenty of nagative attention, each of these streamers continues to flourish, and if you wish to garner the benefits of PlayBox HD, you can do that need not require a jailbroken device.

It works on iOS 8.2 for iPhone 6, iPad and iPod touch and it is a very latest software. As and when iOS 8.3 finally out of beta and is made available to the general public, the situation may well change, but for now, PlayBox HD fans can stream movies with ultimate ease.

If you are jailbroken, then you can get MoveBox and PlayBox through Cydia, which is much easier to snag updates quicker, but since a jailbreak is not available on iOS 8.2, download PlayBox HD through vshare is your golden chance for now to boot.

Are you be installing PlayBox on your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch? Share your experiences below!

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