Facebook Challenger: Google And Twitter Working On To Rival FB’s Instant Articles

So, Google is reportedly teaming up with Twitter micro-blogging platform to showcase news articles instantly on its mobile services which could pose a challenge to Facebook’s upcoming instant articles.

According to the report on Re/Code, quotes people with knowledge of the matter, says the service will launch in the fall this year. How it will work? When a Twitter or Google serach user clicks on the link, it will see “full articles pop up on their screens almost immediately, instead of having to wait several seconds.” The project with collaboration is being described as “accelerated mobile pages,” internally.

In order to compete with Facebook’s own Instant Articles, the service by Google + Twitter could be a big challenger, where publishers can post content directly to the social media site. Actually, Google and Twitter will instead be taking users to the website’s cached page, so that publishers won’t have to create separate content for such a project. Great!

Remind you tabout what Google announced recently in India was a new Search Lite feature for faster load of serach links, especially for those on 2G networks. This already gone live, the new Twitter-Google feature wuld be pretty similar to Search Lite. Notably, Twitter too has a easy read feature in India, which opens publisher content natively in the Twitter app. Though, the mico-blogging site does this without any tie-ups with the publishers and the page views too do not get counted as that of the publisher.

Using Google Lite, the search giant had said publishers stand to benefit with a 50 per cent jump in pageviews. However, these pages doesn’t yet have Google Analytics which is particularly used for tracking pageviews, which Google is planning to add the tools, including Comscore, soon on these pages.

Well! For now, the report given the new project from Google and Twitter will be an interesting way for publishers to explore mobile growth, but how much more and more relationship is moving to the platform is to be witnessed. Additionally, the project will also display ads from original publisher, which is another big challenge for most news outlets when it comes to moving content to mobile.

It remains to be seen how the service pans out in the countries like India, where both Twitter and Google have divergent concepts on using publisher content. Stay tuned!

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