Facebook Messenger’s AI-Powered ‘M’ Now Live, Suggests Features To Use Based On Your Convos [Details]

Facebook’s AI assistant, known simply as M – will now pop into your Messenger chat window to suggest actions it can take on your behalf. Announced that it will be be available on Facebook Messenger, though you’ll start seeing M suggesting in your messages. Here are the details that you don’t want to miss at all.

Hi! I'm M suggestions feature on Facebook Messenger
A couple of years ago, Facebook introduced ‘M’, an artificial digital “AI- powered personal assistant” for Messenger. The idea behind M is that you could ask it to do pretty much anything – book flights, cancel your cable service and even find an electrician – and it’ll do it for you with the power of Facebook AI virtual assistant.

Now Messenger, Facebook‘s standalone messaging app use artificial intelligence to suggest terms, things to users based on their private network. It was rolled out to just a small test market of users in San Fransisco, but we’ve not heard much about it since then. Until now!

Today, Facebook has announced that a version of M will finally be available to all Messenger users in the US. It’s called “M suggestions,” and it’ll instantly pop up at certain points of yoyr Messenger conversation to easily recommend related content or else features

Certainly, in this early rollout phase, suggestions from Facebook M will center around just as few features, something like: stickers, payments, location, making plans, polls and even getting a ride So if you say “Happy Birthday,” M might pop up a row of stickers showing off balloons and cake. If your friend says “pay me $10,” M would then featuring a link to Messenger’s payments function so you can indeed send them their money. Essentially, when you say “Where are you?,” M would apparently recognize the query and unveil a shortcut to location-sharing. As for events, if someone says “Yes, let’s meet tomorrow,” it will immediately provide a link to create an appointment, clever, isn’t it? For group conversations, it might suggest a poll if people are having a hard time deciding what to do. If asked about how to get that appointment, it would suggest a couple of Get a Ride options for either Lyft or Uber.

Facebook AI M Suggestions live now
While M also suggest you fun stickers for your daily life interactions such as “Thank you” or “Bye-bye.” M relies on AI machine learning capabilities, it suggests relevant actions to help very much manage conversations to get things done. As said above, M can suggest an option to even share your location not facing during conversation, and when talking about getting together, it will help coordinating a plan. M will learn and of course improve its artificial intelligence tech offer better suggestions. All you can disable M by simply muting it from Settings.

Not everybody will see the same M suggestions; the key with M is that it’s supposed to be tailored to your particular preference or style of conversation. For instance, if you aren’t the type to use stickers, you might not ever see stickers option. “The personalization is based on established patterns,” said Stan Chudnovsky, head of product for Messenger. “It’s the AI’s decision on what to serve and how.”

The idea aforementioned is that the more you use it, M, the more it’ll learn about you and tailor the experience to fit your likes and dislikes. But if you don’t like M at all, as already said, you can simply mute it. M, was to do everything for a small group of people just to see what Facebook could learn from the experiment. That way the team behind it could take the lessons it learned and then implement certain features on a larger scale. When asked for whether M itself would ever roll out globally, the answer appears to be no, as it would be much too resource-intensive. But again something like automated M suggestions is simple enough.

Right now, M suggestions by Facebook Messenger don’t appear to be as powerful as Google Assistant in Allo, but this is just a beginning. Get ready for more features in the coming weeks and months as Facebook improves its AI smarts. Currently, you can get a taste and a glimpse of it by updating your Messenger app on either iOS or Android as long as you’re live in the US; users worldwide will have to wait a little longer.

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