Facebook Plans Now Help Users Share Posts In Multiple Languages

Your Facebook timeline or Facebook posts could soon be appearing in a variety of languages as the social network is indeed planning to let you share feeds in multiple languages. Here are the details on how Facebook making it possible worldwide.

The social media giant has now decided to include a feature that will allow you to communicate with a global audience. Implementing a new software, dubbed multilingual composer, Facebook is currently being tested among a small group of users. There’s no doubt about knowing the fact that Facebook is the world’s most popular website with users 1.65 billion on board.

The CEO of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg had earlier expressed his ideas of connecting people all around the globe through the platform. Though the dreams has emerged progressively, the fact that all these users have different languages makes it rather hard for people from various regions communicate seamlessly.

To get rid of this requisite, Facebook has now decided to include a feature that will allow users to communicate with the global audience, even if he or she or a company are unware of a language other than your own. It works something like a translator tool?

However, the company has introduced a new software that automatically translates Facebook posts to several languages. Once the post has been published, people from different corners from the world will be able to view the post in their preferred languages. How does it work?

The mechanism is pretty simple: Users are required to type a post. Click on a pull-down menu. Subsequently the user can add up to 45 different language translations, ranging from French, Italian, Filipino, and many more. The new multilingual composer is currently being tested among a small group which the company has pointed out that the feature is already being used by close to 5,000 pages.

According to the company, more than half of the crowd on its website speak languages other than English and this new tool will significantly help diminish language gaps. Using AI, the tool takes care of the translations after you select the speech. After the process, the software itself determines which version of the post to show after utilizing user info such as location, language preferences, and frequently used lingo in posts.

If this is the case, then it is the perfect tool for global online businesses to target crowds in different language zones. This will nevertheless be beneficial to Facebook as users will spend more time on the site as well.

Facebook users will be more beneficial as they would be able to interact and take part in more global activities through this software without breaking a glass.

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