Facebook’s Internet.org Opens For All Developers To Pacify Net Neutrality Critics

Social networking giant Facebook has made an announcement on opening up Internet.org, which provides connectivity to people in developing nations, to outside applications following a controversy over its limited set of online services. Launched Internet.org in a bid to get more developers to the Web, especially in India – regarding which the initiative faced a lot of flak from net neutrality. More details of Facebook’s internet.org vs. Net Neutrality in India can be grabbed right after this break.

Internet.org is a Facebook-led initiative bringing together technology leaders, nonprofits and local communities to connect the two thirds of the world that doesn’t have internet access. Right now, the Internet.org is only available with a Reliance SIM card, which is to be able to join the initiative, developers need to ensure their services encourage the Web, have to be efficient to use as little data as possible, apparently, be light enough to browse on both smartphones and in limited bandwidth scenarios.

On April 15, it was been spread-heading the movement for net-neutrality in India, had appealed to all publishers to jointly withdraw from Internet.org. TRAI has come to scene, and accidentally leaked over one million email addresses recently, and today Facebook opens the gates once again with the launch of Internet.org for developers.

In addition, websites must be properly integrated with Internet.org to allow zero rating and perhaps can’t require JavaScript or SSL/TLS/HTTPS. With Reliance Communications, Facebook partnership was made in India to give free access to as many as 33 websites, which in fact come under service criticism for being against the principals of net neutrality.  Facebook after it was targeted against the net neutrality which stands for equal treatment to be accorded to all Internet traffic.

Facebook also says that Internet.org users will have better control over the apps they can used it in the future and launch it as a developers platform, which is clearly a nod to acknowledge this. And also confirmed that the parameters for developers to come on board Internet.org, which would be to make data-light content for both features, and by issuing technical requirements that can be viewed on the Internet.org. By opening the platform, it will now be easier to see why a particular a service is a part of the initiative.

“Our goal with Internet.org is to work with as many developers and entrepreneurs as possible to extend the benefits of connectivity to diverse, local communities. To do this, we’re going to offer services through Internet.org in a way that’s more transparent and inclusive”.

posted Facebook in a company blog.

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