First iPhone 6s Photos Leaked In Rose Gold Color Coating with Dual-Camera Setup ; Reports

The iPhone 6s official announcement can’t be expected for a good few months, but we’ve already seen plenty of rumors and leaked reports hit the Web. Details, in a first and foremost photos of Apple’s next iPhone have just been leaked and the images hints at a familiar, but rather odd story. Check this out right after this fold.

Reports emerging regarding the purported iPhone 6s, with a news from a source sent to 9to5Mac photos of what are allegedly the first images of the next-generation iPhone. Three in total, you can see the phone dressed up n a new rose gold color, a change that had been suggested earlier in a report coming in from a trusted analyst over at KGI Security. Excatly matches the shade found on the rose gold Apple Watch Edition. and while the color is a definite eye candy for ladies, it’s nothing a few clicksin Photoshop cannot accomplish.

Apart from rose gold confusion, you will see that the next-gen iPhone has two (dual-camera elements) on its back, and the most glaring change is the existance of that camera-esque setup. Rumored somewhere before the start of this year, but has since then been treated as might unrealistic Theriotically, it is not entirely possible, even in an iPhone, but knowing about Apple’s plans and its “play-it-safe” approach, which it is unlikely the company will venture into such rare system. Better go with an iSight camera with the recent report suggesting that the Cupertino is looking to throw in a 12MP module with reduced pixel size.

Patently, these photos do not tell what’s going on under the hood, which of course raises even more questions regarding their legitamacy, but reports have pegged the September-bound iPhone with a new sapphire crystal glass for the display (could flaunt a 4-inch), 2GB of RAM and altercate introduction of Force Touch technology, which would apparently bring some new and advanced ways to interacting with the UI in iOS 9.


However, Apple is working effortlessly on the new iPhone, and if anything, these new photos of the supposed iPhone 6s should be treated with quite a pinch of salt given that the source remains unconfirmed, and to be honest, the dual-camera setup looks hideous.

What do you think of these photos, are fake?

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