Flipkart Again In Misslating Issue, Allegedly Threatens Buyers To Keep Shut

Once another time history repeats, Flipkart seems to be repeating the same again. This time it send ‘Mangoes’ instead of the purchased smartphone. Great, this season is for mangoes, and not in the place of smartphone. Flipkart is selling Asus ZenFone 5 priced at Rs 8,099 during the mega sale on its own online website, and a customer from TS (Telangana State) has ordered it, and Flipkart in return delivered mangoes, according to the report from Deccan Chronicle. Now that the person who ordered Asus ZenFone 5 on June 8, is still struggling to get back its smartphone or plaesed to get refund for it.

After discovering that he didn’t received the product, instead have magoes in the Flipkart shipping box, brought to Flipkart Customer Care notice, was promised a refund within 24 hours, which never happened. He once again called back the customer care again, and clarified that he haven’t received the refund. But Flipkart replied like this, “We would like to inform you that your recent replacement order has been cancelled as we have noticed an unwarranted return, which do not comply with our Returns Policy.”

Increadible, And however this wasn’t the first time faux pas bade by Flipkart, there are incidents who faced by customers getting rocks, paper and other unintended items placed instaed of what they actually ordered, or purchased online.

This time, Flipkart choose a dirty way, and even the e-commerce website threatended him to kep quite about this matter on social media. failing which they would block his order. Srucharan was the name of the consumer, planning to take seviour action against Flipkart misslating bevarior through the cosnumer court. One thing is for all those customers purchase or order products via Online stores, you have to check in front of the delivery boy and take it, or sign it as received. We are not sure about the whole story be true, because it doesn’t happened in front of the shipping boy. What ever it goes by, take care of your money and before you head over to e-commerce website.

Best of luck! Flipkart, it is not fair anymore.

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