Samsung Retails Galaxy Note 7 In China With No Recall, But Not In India?

Samsung has officially confirmed that its Galaxy Note 7 global sales has been halted shipments after aknowledging the battery exploding issue, also shown an impact on Indian market as well. As for the country, the Note 7 in India delayed due to battery quality disaster. No, that didn’t happened in China, Samsung has started selling Galaxy Note 7 in the Chinese market, because of a different battery supplier.


After launching Galaxy Note 7 on August 2nd, Samsung has received reports regarding the Note 7 explosions while charging. But there was no official confirmation on both the incidents. Taking today’s explanation, Samsung has announced to recall all the Galaxy Note 7 units and the customers will be replaced with a new unit. Almost 35 incidents of Galaxy Note 7 battery malfunctions have been received by Samsung.

The South Korean company has confirmed that only 24 units of Galaxy Note 7 in every one million devices at a risk of catching fire. For that precautionary measures, Samsung is recalling all of those Galaxy Note 7 phablets. There was a bit confusion between Samsung India and one of the local retailer resulted in selling one of the Note 7 units prior to the actual sale date in India. Now that the company is trying to buy back the device, even willing to pay him 3x the amount of what the customer paid.

For now, in India and few other countries the availability date of the Note 7 has been postponed. Worldwide sales are stopped due to the battery issue. Not in China, because the company has launched the Note 7 on August 26th and that damn device is mentioned to be available from September 1st. Although, there’s no 6GB RAM variant, the company is selling the 4GB RAM Note 4 model from yesterday.


This press release mentioning the same. Below is the English translation of the Chinese press release.

Samsung Electronics officially announced, ease of use for the protection of consumers, in some countries, for Galaxy Note7 possible risks proactively replace the battery. Country line version from September 1 officially on sale in the Chinese market, the use of different battery suppliers, not in the replacement category, Chinese consumers can rest assured purchase. Samsung Electronics will continue to carry out “Chinese people love to do business and contribute to China’s social enterprise” commitment to continue to uphold the quality and service first conviction, for consumers the best products and experiences. Thanks to the media and public attention for China Samsung Electronics. – Samsung (Sep 2, 2016)

How To Get A Refund Or Return Your Galaxy Note 7 [Recall]


The company has issued a statement explaining that it will be recalling the Note 7 stock from the market and that customers who already purchased the handset will be able to replace it with a new one “over the coming weeks” via its Product Exchange Program by calling 1-800-SAMSUNG. Using the program, you can either exchange your current Galaxy Note 7 with a new Note 7 when its available in the coming weeks, or exchange yours with a new Galaxy S7 or Galaxy S7 Edge with a refund of the actual price difference between devices.

If you opt with Samsung’s Product Exchange Program for a Samsung device replacement instead of asking for a full refund, you will also get $25 gift card from Samsung.

Verizon Wireless

Customers of Verizon has been told that they can return the Note 7 without issue, with the Wireless carrier in US waving the restocking fee through September 20.

“Because customer safety is our top priority, Verizon has stopped selling the Galaxy Note 7,” the carrier went on to say via a statement. Verizon is certainly far from unique in that fact, however.

To return your Note 7 and get a full refund, simply visit your nearest Verizon store.


Put simply, AT&T just wants you to return everything. Pronto.

Samsung has notified us that they have identified a battery cell issue in certain Galaxy Note 7s. They have asked all retailers, including AT&T, to stop selling the device. Because safety is our top priority, customers are strongly encouraged to exchange the Samsung Note 7 for a new device. Customers with a Note 7 may select a new smartphone, and may also return any Note 7 accessories.


Being already bought a Galaxy Note 7 customer from Sprint should visit their local Sprint store in order to initiate a return of the offering device. Sprint will obviously offer a “similar device” to use while you are sans-Galaxy Note 7, too. There’s still no word on how long that might carry forward.


Has confirmed that it will offer full refunds of T-Mobile Galaxy Note 7 owners, including for any accessories bought at the same time as the device was available to purchase. Thos who need to avail a return can do so via a T-Mobile store, or by calling 1-800-937-8997.



Those who bought your Galaxy Note 7 from any third-party seller such as Amazon or Best Buy, then it’s recommended to contact your retailer in order to request the better choice of action moving towards.

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