George Hotz: iPhone Jailbreak Hacker Has Built A Self-Driving Car In His Garage

He is being also-known-as Geohot, who is the legend for being the first individual to jailbreak Apple’s iPhone as well as going head-to-head with Sony via the legal system as part of a PlayStation 3 jailbreak case, and now it appears that George Hotz is making a name for himself by taking on Telsa as a pioneer of autononous vehicles. Based on an ordinary Acura ILX sedan and turning it into a cutting-edge, self-aware autonomous car.

George Hotz, a 26-year-old hacker has been something of a professional nomad over the last few years. After rising to fame in the online community as being the first legend in pioneer the jailbreaking of Apple devices and put custom apps on devices he’s also had spells at Facebook as a mobile engineer, and at Google as part of the Project Zero team. His goal is to take down Mobileye, a supplier of driving assistance systems that helps power Tesla’s Autopilot system, among others in the auto industry. This pursuit has garnered the attention of some of the large players in the automotive industry, namely Elon Musk’s Tesla, who had offered him a job working on homegrown Autopilot software.

George Hotz aka ”Geohot”, one of the pioneers of the early jailbreak scene, is building a self-driving car of its own

I’m happy to work out a multimillion-dollar bonus with a longer time horizon that pays out as soon as we discontinue Mobileye,” Musk is said to have emailed — but Hotz declined, citing Musk’s ever-changing deal terms.”

Geohot’s actual vision of an autonomous self-driving vehicle is quite staggering considering it has been put together as a solo effort out of his own garage. While the customized Acura contains a 21.5-inch screen that displays the car’s verbose feedback. The internal system is built on top of the Ubuntu Linux operating system and provides instant feedback from a set of cameras and laser-based radar (lidar) systems. The addition of a joystick on the center console is also there, which engages the self-driving system of the automobile.


All the goodness technically is powered and controlled via a mini control center built into the glove compartment of the car. The goal appears to be to rely on in-depth artificial learning rather than pre-programmed driving rules.

However, the interior of the ILX looks like a mess of computers, modules, and wires. The vehicle he has created doesn’t simply copy what others are trying to do in this particular space. In fact, the San Fransisco resident is looking to develop a system that would effectively eliminate Mobileye – a company providing driving assistance systems to organizations like Tesla – from the marketplace.


The system being proposed by Hotz through his company shell, is a work-in-progress at present moment in time. Once the technology has been finalized, and the integration of it has been cleaned up somewhat, the goal is to attempt to sell the system to car owners as part of a low-cost kit directly to consumers for about $1,000. George Hotz plans to film a video of his system “outperforming” a Model S in Autopilot mode across the Golden Gate Bridge, which Tesla’s system apparently struggles with due to poor lane markings.

(Source: Bloomberg)

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