George Lucas’ Special Edition Of Star Wars: Episode VII Trailer Released


This will be my first posting of the trailer for Star Wars: Episode VII – The Force Awakens has swept across the internet Web like a woldfire. But it hasn’t completely taken its course until it is been parodied and recreated a handful of times. No exception of the viral sensation though, we have got our first viral attempt thanks to LEGO fanatic snooperking, who created the entire trailer from start to finish using stop motion animation.

The number of references and jabs cramped in here is off the charts. What would that glorious The Force Awakens trailer look like if George Lucas went back and fiddled with it, probably something like this video below. This recruit trailer offers a glimpse of the cheesy CG madness.

Although George Lucas does have a pretty big role in the development of Star Wars VII. On a side note, while he’s neither directing nor writing the movie, the story concept is his and he was on set as a creative consultant, who can not comprehend how someone managed to blast this out in just about 36 hours after the trailer’s release.

Snooperking after realizing he had some free time on Friday, got to work building the various elements needed to recreate the montage of scenes and began by piecing together the various vehicles, settings and minifigs needed for the scenes. One he got all of the elements found or created, he got working on capturing one frame at a time .. for 9 hours. Here’s the original for comparison.


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