Google App for iOS Gains Nest Integration, Android As Well, Download Now!

You can now control a Nest thermostat using Google iOS app. Confused! Talking about the major redesign which the Google app for iOS gained yet another update today that with Nest integration. Google Now soon to allow users to control their Nest thermostat, which the virtual assistant will simply require a command to change the settings.

With OTA update, Nest owners can now use the Google app to control their Nest thermostat systems, in addition to the standard Nest application. Further using in-app controls, Nest owners can also use the built-in Google Now voice commands to change or set the temperature. Google’s native search app for iPhone and iPad takes advantage of voice input and Now cards to help take control over Nest hardware.

Both the iOS and Android gained the ability to interact with your Nest smart thermostat, along with Nest-branded devices for the connected home, using Google Now voice commands.

How to fire up and use it? Hit the app or either tap the mic or say “Ok Google” to get started. Silent feature indeed, no download is required to upgrade. Once doing aforementioned tricks, continue with something along the lines of “set Nest to 74 degrees” and your house will be cozy and warm when you arrive. The temperature requests are displayed in your Google Now card when the thermostat is cooling or heating your home.

Currently, the virtual assistant cannot complete your temperature requests as it requires your Google account authorization to work with the Nest device. As soon as you have given the command, Google Now takes you to the page setup and when you tap “Yes, I am in”, it will redirect you to a page that is still not active.

The Mountain View giant also noted that, if you’re away from home the app will put up location-based Now cards to control your Nest gear and no matter where you’re, as long as you have an Internet connection hands-on.

On your mobile device, open the Google app and either tap the mic or say “Ok Google” to get started. Then say, “turn the temperature to 70 degrees”. In Chrome, either tap the mic or type directly in the search box to set the temperature.”

This is how the Google app will also bring up Now card notifications based on location to help users adjust temperature even when away from home.

Here’s controlling a Nest using the Android app. To set this feature up, go to

Google for iOS can be downloaded from the App Store for free. [Direct Link]

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