Google Nexus 6 Now Available To Pre-Order From The Play Store In The UK Again

The Motorola-made Nexus 6 has once again went on sale in the Google Play Store for the United Kingdom. Available to pre-order now, but with clause. First and foremost, only the 32GB model is available now, whereas the units and ones with double that storage (64GB) capacity are nowhere to be seen.

Here comes the actual point and that’s the listing says the device will be shipping in around three to four weeks. In 2015, the ordered Nexus 6 will make it to your home hands-on. Availability info regarding the 64GB Nexus 6 or for the White version is scarce at the far moment.

Before you plunge, know you’ll have to pay £499 for the model that is available. To buy Nexus 6 smartphone and don’t want to wait weeks for delivery, you can also choose the third-party way, instead order from Carphone Warehouse. Pricing will be same as Google Play offers, and there’s even free next day shipment. Plus, you can also get it with operator contracts, and not just SIM-free.

Talking about the 32GB Nexus 6 in Blue. The White handset only available for pre-order at this retailer, as are both 64GB variations costs £549 after-all. The models that are up for pre-order should start shipping sometime during this month end or the last week of this 2014 year. Choice is yours and with handful of offerings you can get it on your hands. Its all about the Google Nexus 6 phablet!


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