Google Play Store Now Testing ‘Wait for WiFi’ Feature, Gets Optimized For 2G Networks And More


Google for India event has made some major announcements also about new features and improvements to its product lineup especially offering new ones for Indian community. One of that unveil was the quicker accessibility to Play Store. Google is evidently trying out a new inclusion that will let you queue up apps to automatically download once you reach a reliable WiFi network. While the new dialog lets you choose download now or “Wait for WiFi”. Here’s how it actually works.

In order to allow users discover and download apps, Google is testing a Google Play Store app that will be optimised to work on 2G network connections. With that said, also tipped that Google is apparently testing a new feature that lets you queue up desirable downloads from the Play Store, and it will wait until you have a good WiFi connection in reach before downloading them.

Google Play Store in India will now onwards be able to pre-load and cache the most popular parts of the app store when Wireless connection is available on the smartphone, said by Google in its blog post, also said that at the time of installing an app, Play Store will offer the option to “Wait for WiFi” and when the app installed after the phone connects to WiFi will also save data.

The future is still very obviously in beta stage, will only appear for a select sample group that Google is currently testing it out on. This feature also cautions users that queuing apps may result in them being downloaded via mobile data anyway, and Google although warned users not to get downloading larger files using mobile data instead use WiFi connection.

Still time there to ignore or accept, but until then we have a question, on what you think about queue-for-WiFi downloading? Useless feature, or something that is very much-needed? Give us your thought through usual channels.


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